The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Mini-Grant Programme 2022 aims to support oncologic research by financing the laboratory running costs to young Principal Investigators implementing oncologic basic research.

Applications can be submitted from March 18th to May 16th 2022 at 12:00am (Central European Time). Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


PI Eligibility

The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Mini-Grant Programme is open to researchers here referred to as Principal Investigators (PI) with a doctoral degree (PhD) or equivalent degree, including medical speciality, or at least 5 years of postgraduate research experience. 
Applicants, of any nationality, must be 40 years old or younger by the time of the call deadline (i.e., the Applicant’s 40th birthday must be before the call deadline). One-year age limit extension is allowed for each parental, sick and military duties leave, when the leave has been longer than four months and reported into the Curriculum Vitae annexed to the Application. 

The PI must have at least 2 publications as first/last author and don’t be the holder of other competitive grants of amount greater than 30,000 euros valid in the 24 months following the call deadline.


Project eligibility

The project should be knowledge gain-driven and focused on basic oncologic research.
There are not pre-defined priority research topics, but priority will be given to fundamental research projects with focus on cancer onset and progression mechanisms. 


Funding rules 

The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Mini-Grant is a 30,000-euro contribution to laboratory running costs to be spent within maximum 24 month from the first instalment. 
The PI must work in an Italian public or private no-profit Organisation at the time of application. The Grant will end automatically if the employment relationship between the PI and the hosting Organization decades and the unspent Grant amount will be returned to Berlucchi Foundation. Brief interruptions in the PI’s contracts must be discussed with the Berlucchi Foundation.
The hosting Organization must not apply more than 7% overheads withhold on the Mini-Grant and must guarantee the availability of working space and materials for the PI’s project.

The laboratory running costs allowed are:
•    Consumables such as materials and reagents.
•    Services such as the use of the Organisation core and animal facilities and external services, as for sequencing, imaging, cloning, etc. 
•    Missions such as travelling costs and scientific events attendance fees, limitedly to the PI’s missions. 
•    Publication costs, such as editorial fees, limitedly to publications in which the PI is first, last, or corresponding author and in which the Guido Berlucchi Foundation is acknowledged.


Application procedure

Applicants should submit their Application in the “Bandi” area of the before the deadline. 

In order to be considered eligible, Applications must be composed of:
- Application Form, duly filled in all its parts; 
- Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae, preferably in Europass format, including the full list of publications;
- Privacy statement, duly filled in all its parts;
- Hosting Organisation Engagement Letter, signed by the legal representative.
The templates of the Application Form, Privacy statement, and the Hosting Organisation Engagement Letter are annexed to this Call.

Evaluation procedure 

Applications will be subjected to an administrative eligibility check. They will then be evaluated by the Technical Scientific Committee of the Guido Berlucchi Foundation, plus an eventual external referee chosen on the basis of the topic of the research project. 
Applications will be evaluated according to the Evaluation Criteria published as annex to this Call. Only the applications scoring above the threshold for eligibility of 15/25 points will be ranked and awarded upon funds availability. In the present Call, the Guido Berlucchi Foundation will support a maximum of four Mini-Grants. 
The application to the Call implies the acceptance of the unquestionable decisions concerning the selection of projects and the subsequent awards.

Funding and Payments

The successful PI will receive from the Guido Berlucchi Foundation the first instalment equivalent to the 50% of the Mini-Grant, within three weeks from the receipt of the “Dichiarazione di partecipazione del ricercatore al progetto” signed by the hosting Organization.  
The balance payment request can be submitted to the Guido Berlucchi Foundation, jointly with the Mini-Grant Progress Report, at any time from the month 6 of the project. The balance payment is subject to unquestionable evaluation of the Mini-Grant Progress Report by the Technical Scientific Committee of the Guido Berlucchi Foundation. If the Mini-Grant Progress Report is not provided or approved by the Technical Scientific Committee, the PI will not receive any further payment.
Within a month from the end of the project, the Mini-Grant Final Report should be sent to the Guido Berlucchi Foundation. 


If you have any query regarding the Call or the application process, please contact the Guido Berlucchi Foundation at In your email indicate also a phone number, where you could be reached, if needed, during working hours. You will receive a written answer within three working days.

The awarded PI will be given access to a personal area in the Fondazione Guido Berlucchi web portal to be used for any contact with the Guido Berlucchi Foundation, including document uploading. 



Application Form -Template

Privacy Statement-Template

Hosting Organisation’s engagement letter - Template

Evaluation Criteria

Mini-Grant Progress/Final Report -Template – only for vision

Dichiarazione di Partecipazione dell’Ente di affiliazione – only for vision

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